Unending Commentary

Posted 2020-01-26

I've updated my site with a few extra flourishes in the backend. I can now tag posts, and their date of publication is also separate from their name, so the blog archives can be more robust. I've been operating under the assumption that if I have these features I'll feel like writing here more often, so now I get to see if that will hold true. I'm going to start blogging daily as a means to improve my writing, my thinking, and who knows, maybe my life, too. I consume media at the disgusting pace all you other animals do, so expect a lot of writing on that until I get myself together. I don't expect whatever gets written here will hurt my chances of future employment since nobody goes to this webhole anyway.

I saw W.R. - Mysteries of the Organism this week and highly recommend it to anyone who can get a copy (the one up on youtube at the time of writing has illegible hardcoded subtitles). The film is a collage of documentary footage as well as performance art in America interspersed with a fictional story set in the former Soviet Union. The film discusses sex and socialism, sometimes just sex and sometimes both, and its satirical editing had me laughing through it all. My key takeaway from viewing the film is that there's something to be said about the impact that large societies, whether socialist or capitalist or what-have-you, have on our individual sex lives.

Writing is hard for me at the moment. I have to admit I got pissed trying to elucidate anything about Organism that isn't just bland praise. Maybe I'll come back to it, but I've been seeing a lot of movies lately, so it might just get lost in the fog. Since I'm trying to write every day, I'll tag those articles as "daily" and any attempt at an essay could be set to "essay" or something, but that's getting ahead of myself.

Looking over what I've written so far, I've noticed a few things that I think I can attribute to using discord and twitter too much. I make transient points, I change topics quickly instead of developing them further, and I'm filling space by being self-deprecating. I want to target that by writing, although I think the process is going to be very slow.

Let's round this off. I've been playing a lot of Spelunky, same as always, while gradually losing my interest in Far Cry 5, which plays like a first-person Just Cause 2, both meaningless and borderline-apolitical settings with substandard gunplay. Maybe I'm missing something key to enjoying its mechanics, but I could really do better to kill a few hours in the day. I also picked up Nuclear Throne, which is more immediate and satisfying. An increasing number of games I have in my "library" were made in Game Maker Studio, a piece of software I happen to own and continue to do nothing with.

That'll do for today.

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