I wanted to make a writeup about a more recent web-baby of mine, React Forever. Registered users of the site can post a link and an emoji which represents the user's "reaction" to it, whatever that means. It's a cynical take on the ability to react to Slack/Discord messages, Github comments, and Facebook posts. What if the only thing you could do on a social network was react? React Forever answers this rightfully little-asked question. Most of its traffic has been strangers at house parties and Omegle matches on my more bored evenings that didn't tell me I looked like [insert bald pop culture figure here].

So why don't I have whole blog-post's worth of things to say about React Forever? In short, it's not really that interesting, the tech stack is especially unimpressive, and not enough people have used it for some strange mass social behaviour to arise, which was my lofty ideal scenario for a site I basically put 12 hours of effort into. I will tell you one thing, though: if you're serving a ton of small images on your frontend, put them all in one large image as a spritesheet and present them as background images + displacement in div tags. Guaranteed improvement in load times. This wasn't obivous to me: I actually stole the idea from Discord's emoji picker!

I've been mixing dance music off of my laptop more often. Soulseek, CD ripping, and vinyl samplers have helped me hoard house, disco, funk, R&B, etc etc. DJing is quite fun, and my amateur pursuit of it has been pleasant in private, but like most of my amateur pursuits it wound up needing some an external outlet for validation ASAP. To feed the need, I installed icecast on the Cynical Valley server, put up a barebones webpage with a chat box, and started streaming audio to whatever randos I could find online. This really basic clone of n10as has made me a small handful of e-friends. Just don't expect a show schedule any time soon.

I think I'll try for more meandering, free associative writing soon. Something around the lines of just talking about whatever I see online. Why should my bull be limited to twitter? Keep your eyes peeled, dear reader.