Posted 2020-01-30

I saw Daisies just now, as well as Valerie and her Week of Wonders, both Czech new wave films. I really admired the work put into Daisies, a wonderful, succinct moral tale. The shots were especially well done, and I'm struggling to remember any other film from the sixties with composition that could match it at the moment. I joked to a friend that the leading ladies of the film reminded me to ignore all contact with women this year.

Valerie was very dreamy and mystifying, but symbolically far too busy. Bees are proceeded by flowers and doves and shifting family members and relationships and peepholes... Watching the film felt like reliving pubescence, when whatever it was I cared about suddenly seemed like a cruel joke arranged and rearranged, unknowingly or not, by my peers and elders alike. By the film's end, I felt like it became more interested in just shocking and provoking the audience: I guess four years was a long time between Daisies and Valerie for the country, since the former was banned and the latter wasn't.

Work on ECS continues. I've gotten plenty of code down for systems, but looking over everything I can spot a lot of mistakes and wasted effort. I'll try to clean everything up tomorrow, since rightn ow the codebase is a mess of functions linked all over the place in ugly ways that could be made simpler. Efficiency remains a priority for lookups, but I don't think I'm going to attain it until after I sort out how each object passes messages.

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